Nikki's Art Space Gallery, Shop 3, 11-13 Avalon Pde, Avalon, 2107

Nikki Quarry

   Mother . Artist . Traveller . Surfer

Many surfers would say they find inspiration in the water.  Nikki finds beauty and a new way of seeing.

As an accomplished and versatile artist who has travelled extremely widely and spent many years overseas, she has always had an eye for the richness of different landscapes and is inevitably drawn to the ocean.

When she turned her attention to the power of the cliffs surrounding her in the water at her local beaches, she applied a new way of seeing to an elegant minimalism to recreate these beautiful scenes in her characteristically immaculate style.

Nikki studied Design & Visual Communication at UTS and began Fine Art at the National Art School in Sydney, she has been painting her whole life. Historically, her work has tended to reveal vast spaciousness in her canvases, suffused with both mystical and natural elements.  The warm, welcoming open spaces in her paintings draw the viewer in to discover the finer, mesmerising detail.
She spent many seasons on the spectacular yet quaint magnetic island of Santorini in Greece. This place was to enrich her imagination with an abundance of visual drama and instil a freedom in her that emanates from her work and spirit.
The Indonesian island of Bali where she lived at a young age, has been equally inspirational to Nikki's work. A magical insight to her decorative style and use of fine detail. Her work has developed and morphed thoroughly through different periods of her life until present, now perfectly refined.

"The clean, open and exquisite artworks reflect both Nikki's aesthetic and her personality" mused a friend. "She is open-minded and adaptable; warm, relaxed and welcome in a very wide range of settings. Her paintings are graceful and gentle, just like her. The impeccable precision of her style is striking and the details are captivatingly beautiful, but I also see her grace and kindness and that's what I want hanging on my wall."
Although specialising in realism, she has never been a materialist and has always valued the heart over the head.  Less is more. Her latest series relies on a very paired back vision, extremely strong in contrast, which seductively implores our imagination to fill in the missing details. The sky is the limit with this series, she is excited to delve into her thousands of travel photos as inspiration for new works.
Nikki has a strong belief in the power of positive thought and exercise. She finds running an important stimulant of creative flow. 'Mood follows action' is a motto that she has come to understand and love, it was inspired by her ex-husband and best friend, Beau Quarry. She is a single mother of three and enjoying building a new identity as a successful artist. She is working hard and successfully maintaining an idyllic, healthy beach lifestyle for her children.