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Blue Sperm Whale. Limited Edition Print

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Blue sperm Whale 

Meet our fun and quirky 'drippy' and complacent whale! A perfect fit for your beach house, this gentle giant is adorned with a beautiful indigo color that complements any relaxed, seaside interior. Inspired by the majestic sperm whales, this artwork is a personal favourite and adds a delightful touch of ocean charm to your space!

Sperm whales, the largest of the toothed whales, are captivating creatures that roam the deep ocean. These magnificent mammals are renowned for their massive heads, containing the largest brain of any animal on Earth. They have a unique, iconic appearance, with wrinkled skin and a prominent hump near the tail. Sperm whales are famous for their impressive dives, descending to great depths in search of giant squid, their primary prey. Their complex social structure and distinct clicking vocalizations make them one of the most fascinating species in the marine world, drawing awe and wonder from marine enthusiasts and researchers alike.


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