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Migaloo, Whale, Original Painting Oil on Canvas. Framed

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"Migaloo" Original Painting 

In a breathtaking display of artistic prowess, a majestic whale emerges from the depths of the canvas, brought to life solely through the velvety strokes of Burnt Umber. The monochromatic allure of the oil painting unveils a realm where shadows dance with grace, and highlights caress the gentle curves of the creature's colossal form. With each brushstroke, the artist evokes a sense of wonder, drawing us into the enigmatic world of the whale's oceanic domain. Through the absence of vibrant colours, the artwork demands a closer inspection, inviting us to explore the intricate details that lie beneath the surface. As we stand before this awe-inspiring masterpiece, we cannot help but be captivated by the raw power and grace of the Burnt Umber whale—an emblem of art's ability to transcend the ordinary and evoke emotions beyond compare.


Dimensions including frame:

Height: 76cm

Width: 102cm



Original Painting

This original painting is completed in a combination of acrylic, oil and wax medium on stretched, ready to hang canvas.

It is unframed. If you would like it framed, please contact us.



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