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'Stomper'. Limited Edition Emu Print. Square

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'Stomper' Emu  

Meet Stomper, the stroppy emu with a feisty spirit! With an unmistakable air of defiance, Stomper marches through life with a chip on his shoulder, daring anyone to challenge him. His bold and rebellious nature sets him apart from the rest of the flock, making him the undeniable leader with an attitude.

Stomper's fiery temperament is on full display as he fluffs up his feathers and lets out an assertive honk, warning anyone who dares to get too close. He's not afraid to show his displeasure, making it clear that he won't tolerate any nonsense.

But underneath that tough exterior lies a surprisingly sensitive side. Despite his bravado, Stomper's heart softens when he's around his closest companions. He may act tough, but he's fiercely protective of his flock, proving that his fiery attitude is just a way of keeping them safe.

Stomper is a living reminder that sometimes, the most memorable characters are the ones who wear their attitude on their feathers.


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